Inox Varun Beach, Visakhapatnam, India
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Varun Beach Inox Visakhapatnam Logo

Inaguration ceremony of the Varun Beach Multiplex, INOX in north AP took place on 16th March 2010, on the occasion of UGADI (Telugu New Year). This INOX in Varun Beach Mall, Beach Road, VSKP is of 6 screens, 1166 seats including 37 luxurious recliner seats.

Much awaited INOX with 4 screens in CMR Central is also on the way. Let’s wait for it.

The tickets are in two types 1. Executive Class of Rs.125 (100 earlier) each and 2. Royale Class of Rs.150 (200 earlier) each. For Booking of Tickets, Home Delivery call 0891-2555100, SMS INOX to 575757 and Online INOX ticket Booking done on For ETicket Click Here

Brindaavanam MOVIE in Inox vizag

Finally INOX Mutiplex Movie Theatres, the most awaiting entertainment giant in India is about to finish an international standard multi-stored Mutiplex at Beach Road, Visakhapatnam, Andhra pradesh, India. It is just located opposite to “The GATEWAY Hotel” (earlier known TAJ Hotel of Taj Group) and beside “The Grand Bay” in beach road. It has Six screens inside it.

INOX Picture Gallery

Inox Vizag Picture

Inox Vizag Picture

Inox Frontview Visakhapatnam

Inox Frontview Visakhapatnam

Booking online ticket Inox Vizag

Vizag Inox Online and Offline Ticket Booking Counter

Inox Varun Beach, Visakhapatnam

This project is owned by Varun Group. And named as “INOX VARUN BEACH“. Apart from this Varun Group is working out on NOVOTEL VARUN BEACH, 1st 7 star hotel in Visakhapatnam, to enter into Hospitality sector, with all 240 rooms giving a chance to it’s visitor a have a glimpse of Bay of Bengal.

I am sure it is going to be one of the biggest HIT in the city in entertainment sector, as there are no other multiplexes of this standard in the city around. As we all know APIIC has set up a IT park in Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam, India. There are more than a couple of dozens of software companies who have purchased lands and some have already set up their infrastructure and started up operations. Some of the companies already functioning are SYMBIOSYS TECHNOLOGIES, KENEXA, SOUTHERLANDS, on the top most areas of Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam, India. AS a result of which there will definitely be improvement in living standards of vizagians. And will be a good amount of money flow into the city. I would say INOX VARUN BEACH will make a good money πŸ™‚ . Best of luck Varun Group Vizag.

Symbiosys Technologies, Visakhapatnam

Symbiosys Technologies, Visakhapatnam

APIIC IT Park, Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam

APIIC IT Park, Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam

Thanks for reading this article. Let me know your comments or questions or suggestions. I will always love to get back to you asap. Cheers!

Disclaimer: INOX ® is registered trademark of INOX entertainment ltd. I am not associated with neither Varun Beach INOX or INOX.

  • Vijay

    Dear Niraj, You pls make a correction in your article which states that Grand Bay hotel is earlier Taj. Actually Gateway Hotel is earlier under the Taj Group.

    You also check that there are 6 six screens. But you have mentioned that there are 4 screens only.

    • Niraj

      Thanks Vijay for figuring out the changes. I have worked out on them. Have a check now. Where are you from?

  • chandrasekhar

    Great Work Niraj, Thanks for you info, After hearing the news of INOX Varun Beach, i didn’t know the location where it is, only I heard that is coming in CMR Central MALL. I am really missing vizag πŸ™

    • Niraj

      Thanks Chandu, My pleasure if this info helped you. Where are now? Yes in CMR Central Mall there will be 4 INOX screens but this is completely a different project in Beach road with 6 Screens. Cheers!

  • Chaitanya

    If I am not wrong, the proposed NOVOTEL VARUN BEACH is not the 1st 5 star hotel in city. It will be 3rd.
    The PARK and TAJ Residency are 5 star hotels.

  • Niraj

    Chaitanya, actually Novotel is going to be a 7 star hotel. Not 5 star.


  • super5 inox

  • Subash

    Hi Mr. Neeraj, When the ticket is getting online? Now it’s not getting online in Vizag.

    • Niraj

      Hii Subash,
      Let’s wait for them to update on website.. Even i dont understand why have not they updated INOX Vizag on their website. How can they be careless about this?

  • varma

    i think this is a 5 star hotel…. 7 star ??? no impossible ///

  • Edward

    thanks niraj….but the link doesnt show Visakhapatnam on it….what went wrong there?????

  • senthilnathan

    Thanx Niraj for releasing Tamil movie, but pls release friday to sunday, that time only you will get the we all to come and enjoy, working day is not possible

    I am sure that you get good crowed on weekends

    Pls impliment

    • Niraj

      Nopes Senthilnathan, I am not associated with INOX.

  • senthilnathan

    but in web site, it shows u to contact for inox dear!!!!!, pls let me know wt ur looking there in inox and wts ur role

    and one more help from you, here any company is doing CDM(clinical data management), if it there pls let me know

  • good morning

  • sravanthi

    i am proud to be in visakhapatnam and enjoy the entertainment that is given by varun beach inox

    sravanthi ca

  • yeshu

    guys v gonna get another multiplex near poorna market…..dat ws adlabs in pantloons mall…named vizag central πŸ™‚

  • yeshu

    hey niraj yo 4m???
    watt r u upto??




  • swetha

    hello sir !!! whole vizag is happy for having inox finally but sir dont you think its too costly at the theatre to even take a samosa….i know its more than these rates in hyderabad imax…but sir hyderabad is different from vizag…we r developing in all ways but that doesnt mean that we just run out of our money…the refill counter whatever you have i think the price of the eatibles is a much high..if depending on screen size IMAX can bcome INOX then why no reduce the rates? for your maintenance we r paying enough through tickets as well…i think you should consider this thing if you want more people to come visit inox…its my request

  • uday bhaskar

    its super in vizag inox …..pls concder prices for tictes

  • kiran

    hi niraj gud to have inox in vizag, u gave us extra entertainment. but u has to reduce the rates which everyone can visit this inox more. we has to come again and again. so reduce the rates of snacks. its request

  • Niraj

    Hi Kiran,
    I will try to contact Inox authority to think about this issue. Thanks for your comment though. Have a nice day.

  • Anil DD

    Thanx for your initiative to spread the message of Vizag’s development in one direction. Try to focus in areas where higher levels of concentration and involvement required by each Vizagite to elivate our City……..

  • b ramesh

    great…………. job done by u

  • nisank

    very neat

  • hai it is new gen 2 vizag

  • sri

    Hi Niraj its a nice article and i am very excited that iNOX finally made it to our beautiful city. I cant wait to see it.
    I am missing vizag too much !!!
    Well where is this CMR thingy comming up, is it near the CMR shopping mall opp District Court. its been almost an year i visited vizag…planning this year to visit.
    Well, I dont understand why people ask Niraj to rectify things that are purely dealt by INOX.My understanding is that he wrote this nice article for our information and he is no way connected to INOX or management. Correct me if i am wrong.

    Sri, Texas,USA

    • Niraj

      Hii Sri,
      Nice comment. Thanks. Yes I am not associated with INOX or CMR central anyways. But people take it as if i am, reading this article. CMR central just opp. to ANdhra University Main gate near Maddilpalem COmplex.

      A.Niraj Kumar, India πŸ™‚

  • sri

    Thanks for the info niraj.By the way the pics are good too.Keep up the good work

  • sekhar

    i have gone through ur site, the contact number which u have given have no response. can clarify me regarding booking of tickets online. there is an option given for visa visa debit, mastero card..etc down below that there is card number, and the next one cvv number which i didn’t understand.. so that i could book my tickets on line. would plz clarify my doubt.

  • Dear Kumar,

    Is it possible to meet you at Vizag reg your upcoming project of NOVATEL 7 START HOTEL. As i am from logistics company, we provide you end to end service from across global.

    Awaiting for your positive response.

    Kind regards,
    Ramakrishna peri

  • deepa

    hai niraj,
    we r very happy that tamil movies can also b watched in andhra especially in our beautiful city vizag .every thing is perfect except the cost of snacks.& drinks .

  • y.ramesh prasad

    Hai niraj gud to have inox in vizag, u gave us extra entertainment. but u has to reduce the rates which everyone can visit this inox more. we has to come again and again. so reduce the rates of snacks. its a request

    thnks / brgds
    y.ramesh prasad

  • Rani

    Hi Neeraj,

    We had a bitter experience at INOX. We came along with our children, but the management has not allowed one of our child to watch the movie simha as it is adult rated. As every theater is allowing children why do not you? also the snacks are too costly and there is no lift facility while coming down. totally totally we had a bitter experience there.

  • Yes that is correct yar, Inox management should take action on this cost of food items. that was very costlier why they are charging that much.

  • chandra sekhar

    hi friend, this is nice job. before 1yr i thinked, in the hyderabad big inox theatre and 3d theatre is there. now i am happy because now vizag in inox is there but 3d is not there. try to do 3d theater. and one thing i am free now. doing small part time job. can u please tell me any job opportunities in inox at varun beach or cmr central. i completed degree and i have knowledge in computers. do u have any offer just call me. chandu- 8801576376, 9908909184.

  • Handsome

    Those are good reviews. Keep posting.

  • I enjoyed a lot

  • Karri Chandra Mouli

    HI friends
    this is Karri Chandra mouli called as (karri, CM) from rajam
    As i am a regular visitor of vishakapatnam and places in vizag, i love watching movies and i love INOX so please bring the english movies as soon as possible ,


  • chandu

    hello niraj naku komaram puli movieki modati roju modati showki 6 tickets kavali emi cheyyali? inox daggaraku vaste istara leka online lo book chesukovala please reply me enty

  • chandu

    hello niraj naku komaram puli movieki modati roju modati showki 6 tickets kavali emi cheyyali?

    augest 11th

  • chandu

    ante augest 11thki ippude book chesuko vachuga?

  • chandu

    mari aa roju komaram puli movie ey screenlo vastuno teleadu mari ela?

  • satya


    Nice theater and clean too, but please have more options for snacks ( while lowering the cost of course!) Too many checks, agreed for our own good but still tedious. The staff is well mannered and polite, but why stop us from getting our own snacks? Especially when the ones available in the theater are so expensive? Also, a parking fee? Hyderabad does not charge.. cost cutting with a one way lift ? Changing these and hidden added expenses will result in repeated and loyal customers.

  • hi niraj nice deater fentasstic really gud job all the best and congrats.?

    • Niraj

      Thanks Thara for your lovely comment πŸ™‚ Yes I will keep all posted.


    • Thanks Thara for the appreciation. Will try to post useful articles for all.


  • hiiiiiiii

  • Srikanth

    Hi Niraj,

    Its good to see growing standards of Vizag and a wonderful work of urs. The most admiring about you is… U r responding to the Viewer commets thats very nice of u..which is commonly not followed by others.. I want u to keep us updated about vizag which is our home town and we always wants to hear about it and remember those early days of life :).

    • Niraj

      Hello Mr.Srikanth,
      First of all thanks a lot for your appreciation. Taking you request, I will try posting articles on some more vizag updates regularly. As of now i am only posting aricles from which people can get some information as well as get benefited. Where are now? Yes if you are away from vizag, definitely you will be missing it. πŸ™‚

      A.Niraj Kumar,
      A PHP Expert developer from India

  • i want tickets please

    • Lokesh, There is only way to get tickets is wait till 4 days earlier that the release and book tickets online.

  • Srinvas

    Dear ALL,

    The MOdeator of the group is not Asscoaited with INOX nor CMR he is just providing some info & developmentes of our beuatifull city VIZAGGGG for those who are missing it and i am one of those , so dont ask him or irritate him by asking INOX , CMR mgmt Chnages , what he can do with IDLI , SAMOSA rates in Vizag you can drop a feedbcak letter which might be there in INOX , CMR which will be ore usefull then over here.
    Hi Niraj,

    Thanks for Posting the updates of vizag i am a big fan of our Vizag and always promote its beauty to every of my friends i am satying in Mumbai as i am working for a IB Captive Unit and dying to come back to Vizag on Proper Job opportunites avaialibality in Vizag and i feel thats not to far, and please keep posting the updates of vizan and make this page even more attractive ,& interactive , i can help u too remove some of the scrapy request such as samosa price etc.

  • sunil swain

    hi, neeru u have done a great wonder ful job.thanks for the info & pics of the developing yzag.i am out of vizag 4m last 2 years thanq 4 showing me my home city very beautifully.i want to know where the INOX is actually located,and where the novotel is going to be built.

    • Hii Sunil,
      INOX Varun Beach is Just opposite to The GateWay Hotel, just in Beach Road. πŸ™‚ Ofcourse same building is going to be known as Novotel Hotel, The side which is facing SEA.


  • jagan

    hiiiiiiiii dis is jagan 4m vizag..i dont know abt u b4… but seeing all d above previews and posts wat u have got, i would like u to appreciate a lot on behalf of vizag and continue giving new updates to all d people who like vizag… VIZAG ROCKZZZZ

    • Thank you Jagan for going through my website. Yes i try posting articles on stuff which is useful to viewers. Not just any NEWS. πŸ™‚


  • Aasish

    my age is 17 will i will be allowed for A rated movies

    • Hello Aasish,
      A rated movies are strictly for people of age 18+. INOX wont allow you to watch A rated movies. But normally security wont stop you if you look a bit elder, but if they will doubt and check, you will not be allowed.

      Suggestion: As you are just 17, try out something else which are U rated.


  • srinivas

    its good to see this type of inox in vizag.You introduced the new trend in vizag…..keep rocking

  • gopinath

    After completion of 1 show then we tell good r

  • Aasish

    my age is just 18 now but i look a bit as a child i have my inter 2nd year id card will they allow bro

    • Yes they will allow, Please produce your DOB proof incase they ask you for.


  • Aasish

    i booked 3 tickets for puli on 11.09.2010 and seat numbers are k16 17 18 how do i know which screen it is

  • roja

    hi im roja hey how can i get tickets for robo movie on first day

  • basanthi

    hi Niraj,
    Can u tel me how can i book tickets in advance for the khaleja and robo.
    I want 2 tickets each n second show in varun innox.

    • Hello Basanthi,
      Have you checked for tickets in If not please log on there and search for tickets.


  • Nagu(A2Z Team)

    can i have ur email id

  • bharath

    when is mahesh kaleja going to release????? there is no clear information given in net………

    • Bharath,
      Mahesh Khaleja to be released on 7th October 2010.


  • suneel bavisetty

    hi sir i am suneel your site is nice sir i want job sir i worked in dq entertainment as a compositor but now i leave that job now iam free sir i know photoshop,digital fusion ,afteraffects softwares if any job is there plz inform me

  • Chandra

    Sir,i want to book e ticket for 10/10/10 for robo but ur site not working.home delivery no. also not responding(under voice call).provide me solution

  • Hi Mr. Niraj, When the ticket is getting online? Now it’s not getting online in Vizag.

    • Mr.Somesh,
      I have complained to INOX authority to look into the matter. But havent heard from them yet. Will keep you posted once it is up and ready.

      A.Niraj Kumar

  • Malladi

    I am looking for contact for Retirement Homes in and around RISIKONDA

  • Malladi

    Looking for a retirement home in and around Rishikonda area.

    • I will try get back to you with the info asap Mr.hanumantha.


  • praveen

    cmr inox superb ….4m vizag praveen prince

  • you can always count on 5 star hotels when you want maximum comfort and a lot of souvenirs ‘`-

  • satishkumar

    when will be online booking of orange movie

  • Kumar

    i am trying for orange movie tickets on morning onwords but it is saying server error.At the time of robo movie its says same problem after page open tickets housefull. same situation happened wright now. i call to inox number 2555100 they told tickets are giving for orange movie when iam asking they are telling that not giving through phone booking.when iam trying through online also page is not responding.If you want to give the tickets for bada people don’t keep the online booking normal peoples are becoming fools.I request please close the online booking for inox only in vizag.I disappointed please don’t repeat like this….

  • kiran

    hi i want to book 3 tickets for orange movei can u help me any axcepts and wat is the cost of it

  • raheem

    hi niraj
    i am trying for orange movie tickets from yesterday onwords but it is saying server error.when i call to inox number they told tickets are giving for orange movie when iam asking they are telling that not giving through phone booking.when iam trying through online also page is not responding.If you want to give the tickets for friends&oblication don’t keep the online booking people will try through online by taking extra chargeswe are making noncens.I request please close the online booking for inox only in vizag.inhyd its not happening.I disappointed in vizag. please don’t repeat like this….

  • Pavan

    Hi Niraj,
    Can you please provide details of KENEXA – vizag, how abt the work culture, job security and projects. It would be the great help if you provide more info

  • potti vijay kumar

    hai everybody
    i want the tickets for “anaganaga o.. dheerudu”

  • nimisha

    can i know which movies were being played in the varun beach inox on 11th jan 2011???

  • anilkumar

    hai sir my name is anilkumar and i have completed diploma in 1st year and 2nd year incomplete,my age 18, please sir give me any job sir please .my phone no is 9581667311

  • nagesh

    Thanks for suBWAY Vizag

  • RVP Seshu kumar pokala


    First of all thanks for uploading varun Inox Pics.Great to see that.However,Expecting International Tag for Vizag’s airport since long time, which would lead to IT development,Tourism & Infrastructure in vizag.I Love Vizag..




    • Thank you Prasad. πŸ™‚ I am working on it. Once i get good time will invest more time and add more content soon. Been busy with my regular projects and works.

  • upendra

    keep rocking Niraj. all the best. proud of u

    • Thank you Upendra. Your appreciation is what encourages me update. πŸ™‚

  • Rajeev

    The Respected Sir/Mam

    About My Self
    I’m rajeev recently i completed my MBA and
    my specialisation in MBA are FINANCE,MARKETING and i did my project
    in finance on topic of “A study on Ratio Anylsis” in Hindustan
    Shipyard Limited and
    I also completed my MBA(HR) From school of distance education and
    waiting for the results and I did my project on “A study on
    Recruitment & Selection” in Care Hospital visakhapatnam
    and my Hobbies are Playing Cricket,Listening To Music, Chatting

    Yours sincerely,

    Hw to send my resume to u sir can i get the information

  • mahesh

    i like vizag it is big city next i want to construct inox at rajahmundry it is also well developed area.

  • Swetha

    Hai Sir..

    Myself Swetha from Steel Plant…

    Can u tell me if there are any job opportunities in Varun Inox or cmr central ?

    I’m done with Graduation n later with Fashion Designing..
    I undergone Visual Merchandiser Training under Pantaloons Group…

  • raju

    hi niraj whats the problem of online ticket booking

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