Paypal issue with india accounts

UPDATE: PAYPAL issue resolved on 31st July 2010. Hurrey! we can continue using PAYPAL electronic payment method to withdraw funds to our indian bank account.

Paypal is struggling with indian accounts, due to Indian regulations again. Strangely PAYPAL today sent emails to all it’s indian account holders an email saying PAYPAL changed in their withdrawal functionality in India starting on August 1, 2010. At present you can request for either an electronic or cheque withdrawal of funds from your PayPal account if you are an India user.

Indian regulation has again created issue with you

From July 29, 2010 onwards, you will only be able to request for a PAYPAL cheque withdrawal of funds from your PayPal account.

To request for a cheque withdrawal:
1. Log into your PayPal account, click on ‘Withdraw’.
2. Click on the ‘Request a cheque from PayPal’ link.
3. Enter the withdrawal amount and select your mailing address, then click ‘Continue’.
4. Click ‘Submit’ to confirm your request.

PAYPAL will refund the $5 USD cheque withdrawal fee to you for cheque withdrawals made on July 29, 2010 onwards. It will take 4 – 6 days to process your cheque. This does not include delivery time. Meaning we can received funds in our accounts may be 15 days later or 30 days, Not sure 🙂

What to do? Here are some PAYPAL alternative methods to receive payments from your clients to india.

1. For State Bank Account can be a useful link for you.
2. Remit 2 India
3. If you have a PAYONEER card in India,
4. For Direct Cash Western Union ( ) would be a better alternative.
5. Another best PayPal Alternative India is ( )

And there are some more. So no worries carry on with you business as usual. Please post your doubts with paypal or any other methods i mentioned above.
Let’s hope PAYPAL to get well soon 🙂

  • vinoth

    still my paypal account is in limited access…. what can i do to lift it???

    • Hello Vinoth,
      Have you added and verified any of your Visa Debit or Credit Cards? It has to be done, so as to lift your limited access of PAYPAL account.

      Please let me know what do you mean by “Limited Access”, so that i can try helping you our with the issue.

      A.Niraj Kumar, A Indian Paypal Account Holder, India

  • Yogendra Mishra


    Today I come to know through my client that while sending me payment he came across this message : We’re sorry. We’re not able to complete personal payments to account holders in India at this time.
    What the hell now with RBI.. its quite annoying that every month paypal have isssues with RBI. I don’t know to whom I should blame now..

    • Hello Yogendra,
      This issue can be overcomed. While sending you money ask your Client to select SERVICES instead of PERSONAL mode while sending money to you via PAYPAL. In another way, you can create an Invoice and ask ur client to pay.

      A.Niraj Kumar, A Paypal Issue Helper.

  • Paypal is now not accepting intra india credit card transactions

  • vijai

    all above done same problem..and paypal clearly replied that they cannot process payments TO residents of india paypal account.

    • Hello Vijai,
      This issue can be overcomed. While sending you money ask your Client to select SERVICES instead of PERSONAL mode while sending money to you via PAYPAL. Do let me know in case there is some issue still existing, i will try helping you out.

      A.Niraj Kumar

  • Edha

    I have a lot of different problems while using PayPal. Im from India working online and most of the time I had problems with my transactions using PayPal. Now I am using one good alternative . Until now I don’t have any problems with them but I wanted to know does anyone use them and what is your opinion about Okpay at all.

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