Uninor starts mobile services in India calls at 29p/minute

Uninor would offer GSM services at rates as low as 29 paisa per minute. Uninor is the first among those who were offered licenses last year to launch services. It will be operating in seven circles. Uninor Launched in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh East and West, and Bihar including Jharkhand. Uninor introduced two tariff plans.

Uninor Tarrif in India

Uninor Tarrif in India

Uninor Plan 1:Plan ‘Callmore @ 29 paisa’ also offers local calls at 29 paise per minute and STD at 49 paise per minute with a daily rental of Rs.2.

Uninor Plan 2:Plan ‘Talkmore@29 paisa’ would allow users to make calls at 29 paisa a minute and STD (national long distance) calls at 49 paisa a minute.

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