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  • ktprasadsingh

    hi niraj this is prasad from vizag (N.A.D) i wish u all the best for ur this website and i have the small request that i want a web domain to run a website for all our students so please assist me

    • Niraj

      Hii KT,
      Yes you can call me on my phone number to talk about this. And let me know if you know website designing? Or want me to design a website for you as well?


  • Hamed

    I have a wordpress based website that needs advanced customization. Are you able to provide advanced customization service?


  • Chaitu

    U r so great Mr.Niraj…..
    I lyk u very much…..

    • 🙂 Thanks for your appreciation Mr.Chaitu.


  • sravan

    hi Neeraj,this is sravan.can u plz let me know how to get benefitted through a website,also plz tell me how much u charge for it

    • Sravan,
      There can be many ways of utilizing a website for you. It may help you,

      1. Creating online profile (Personal or Commercial)
      2. Selling products online
      3. Creating blogs may help you reach diff audience, and increase public interaction.
      4. If you own a business a website may help it be accessible for anyone from their own location, atleast for information purpose.

      Charges for a website can be somewhere around 5K – 20K or even more depending upon the complexity of the functionality you want on it.


  • K.Suresh Babu

    its great niraj(sir)i should call you sir,ithought you might be aged around 35 to 40 but iam tottaly wrong. i red your biography ,you are an intresting guy………lot to learn from you.

    • Mr.Suresh,
      It was my pleasure you read my articles. Thank You. Let’s be in touch. I will try keeping you posted.


  • hi Niraj…nice pictures..
    I m a new bee for webdevelopment will u give some tips to me to get work from freelancing…
    pls give me some idea to be a good programmer in php
    i will always appreciate to u for that …
    not saying the family background of mine but let me teach the tools i will manage the rest…

    • Harish,
      Which city are you from? why do you think of being a Freelancer? I would suggest you to go for a good job. Cause working as freelancer is 100% challenging and full o risk. There is no security at all of if you can earn money or not in near future. Rest is your decision. Add me on Gtalk: niraj.engg . Let’s c what to do.


  • vasudev.

    Hi niraj,

    Nice to meet u.I have some doubts in building wordpress website.I want to meet u once.I hope u can solve my doubts.Are u in vizag now.Because im also from vizag.

    • Hello Vasu,
      What do you do? Is that wordpress website for you or your client? What kind of joubts you have on building a WordPress site?

  • Prabha

    Hi niraj! can hav ur your email id plz?

  • Tipu

    Hi frnd love is god

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