GoodGuide Barcode Scanner

GoodGuide Barcode Scanner

GoodGuide has released the new barcode scanner for the iPhone.

“The GoodGuide iPhone app helps you find safe, healthy, and sustainable products while you shop. With this update, simply scan the barcode of the product and immediately see detailed ratings for health, environment and social responsibility for more than 50,000 products and companies”

Install and shop with your iPhone. Some shops do not allowed camera so please spent a little time to explain to them. More pictures after the break.

GoodGuide Barcode Scanner

GoodGuide Barcode Scanner

GoodGuide Barcode Scanner

[via Inhabitat]

  • Linda

    How does GoodGuide tap into the info on the barcode? Is there a master barcode database that contains product information? Is it free, or do you pay to get the data? Thanks.

  • Niraj

    Hii Linda,
    Actually it has a database which u dont have to bother about. It will fetch you the details tht’s it. 🙂

    It’s Cool.

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