7 Anti Spam WordPress Plugins

The large amount of spam robots is increasing and the every lasting war between blog owners and spammers is born. Anti spam helps to weed out these comments before they even reach your blog.

Math Comment Spam Protection – This plugin makes sure that the commenter is not a spam robot program by asking a simple math question that must be answered correctly to post.

Peter’s Custom Anti Spam – Uses a system where visitors must be able to match a word with another that is displayed before commenting is made possible.

Defensio Anti Spam – This is an all in one spam protection plugin which makes it very difficult to receive spam into your WordPress blog post comments.

WP Spam Free Anti Spam – Specially designed plugin to stop all forms of spam comments. Most common nuisance spam items such as trackbacks and pingback comments are especially blocked.

WP Spam Hitman – A plugin designed to stop spam comments by assigning rules that must be followed to allow the comment to pass through the system.

Yet Another WordPress Anti Spam Plugin – Valuable anti spam plugin designed to stop spammers from getting into your comment lists with several spam protection tools.

SI CAPTCHA Anti Spam – Allows you to add a CAPTCHA anti-spam at all or only some of the input locations on your WordPress site.

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