5 Classifieds Plugins for WordPress

Plugins that are designed to make it possible to create classified listings are a great way to plug unwanted items or post listings for work. The following classifieds plugins are great to use for creating such listings.

WP Classified – This is a simple plugin that is designed to make classified listings which can be displayed on a separate page. Can be stylized with several great formatting and makes for a very nice addition to the WordPress blog.

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin – As the name implies, this is another WordPress classifieds plugin that can be customized in several ways. This plugin comes complete and places classifieds easily.

Social Engine Last Public Classifieds – This is the social engine plugin to show the last public classifieds. This application is not free to use and requires a subscription to their service.

Classifieds Theme for WordPress – This is a great theme for WordPress that integrates all that you need to make your WordPress blog into a functional classifieds page with the ability to integrate several payment methods.

Edgeio Classifieds – This plugin allows you to create a classifieds’ section on your WordPress blog and offer free or even paid classifieds to your blog for others to take advantage of.

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