5 Popular Posts WordPress Plugins

Allowing your WordPress blog readers to know which of your posts are most popular is a great way of focusing more traffic to your most important posts. This is very useful in providing a link to these posts when you want these great posts to be seen more often.

JAW Popular Posts Widget – This plugin is a great addition to any website as it provides the ability to have a widget on the sidebar that provides links to your most popular blogs. This is very useful towards having an easy way to promote your best posts. Popular Posts – This is a sidebar plugin that offers the ability to have the links to your most popular posts available to any and all readers who visit your WordPress blog.

Most Popular Posts – This is a sidebar widget that offers your popular posts within the sidebar. It is easy to implement by simply installing and turning it on for your sidebar.

Popular Posts – This is a plugin that has many customizable options to output your most popular blogs. This can be put anywhere on your page including the sidebar if needed.

WordPress Popular Posts – This widget allows you to place a list of popular posts in the sidebar and can be formatted by the WordPress blog owner to work as they wish.

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