Dell Latitude Z: Ultra-thin Laptop

Latitude Z

Dell has announced a ultra-thin laptop Latitude Z. it comes with svelte body thats just 0.57 – 0.79″ tall and weight is just 4.5 lbs. Dell Latitude Z Powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processor SU9400 or SU9600 and comes with up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM. more features below

Dell Latitude Z features:

  • four-cell battery
  • Gesture-enabled touchpad
  • a soft-touch Black Cherry finish
  • two USB ports
  • one DisplayPort
  • Wi-Fi
  • optional built-in 3G wireless
  • 2MP autofocus integrated webcam and microphone
  • Bluetooth
  • 1600900 16-inch display with a touch interface

The Latitude Z is available starting $1,800 and above.

Latitude Z

Latitude Z

Latitude Z

Latitude Z


  • Sarin Iyer

    . I bought an Acer Timeline 4810T a month ago and its really doing well.The good thing about Acer is that they give us the choice of selecting features, which we require and not thrown at us and that too, at affordable price. I think, where Acer scores over other laptops is more value for money.

    There are many that will swear by their Acer laptop computers and this is amply evident when you come across a great many advertisements expounding on the virtues of such laptops. However, it is not such a good idea to go by advertising claims alone and it is also necessary to first check out different manufacturers and sees what’s on offer before making a considered decision. It should give you peace of mind that Acer is a worldwide company and it is known for providing practical and first-rate solutions for the marketplace. For this reason it will be worthwhile to consider an Acer Timeline.

  • Vivek

    This is vivek i’m planning of buying this lattitude Z,.but i wanna know that ,will i get its support and services in India?

  • acer laptops have much brighter lcd screens compared to other brands -;-

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