Seven Strange Computer Mice You Hardly See Around Often

People use their creativity in different way. Here are some example of strange creativity as mouse that may look strange but it comes with many other functions.

Stone Mouse

Russian Designer Neko designed this mouse from stone. It looks like as if the stone parts are polished/cut and made to a Mouse.

Mug Mouse

MugMouse is designed by Louise Wictoria Klinker its a playful idea, using your coffee mug as computer mouse. Filled with tea or coffee you have to move it very carefully than a normal mouse.

MugMouse is part of my ” SLOWEB peripherals” that aims to provide an alternative to the fast global flow of information and is concerned with rhythms of consumption.

Keypad Mouse

This mouse comes with numerical keypad inside. Its better than holding down the function key on laptop for a number keypad. Well this concept either not very ergonomically comfortable.


Cursor shaped Mouse

Here is an unusual but interesting design. This mouse shaped like a cursor. We are assured this wireless mouse is comfortable to use.


Skype Phone Mouse

This mouse complete with microphone and audio control. This mouse has a handy function for Skype users. Its designed by Sony.



This Mouse has inbuilt condenser microphone – capable of picking up on any nearby conversation. The website for this product say Exterior look and specifics are subject to change without warning”, so watch out – any mouse could be a suspect.


Nintendo Mouse

Somebody bought an old Nintendo Controller and installed an optical mouse inside. This computer Mouse you wont find in store.

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