The Five Rules to a Great Logo Design

Logo design is as much a science as it is art. In fact, it has a host of scientific aspects to it that includes psychology and mathematics. This is because a good logo design is intended to act on the psyche of the onlooker and appeal to it and its retention would depend on the symmetry it catties. Since a logo appears on almost everything related to your business, that include your stationary, products and services, letters and even the press, the importance of a good logo design is critical. A clear, dynamic, symmetric and aesthetic logo design from a professional logo designer would leave a lasting effect on the mind of the consumer and it is imperative to the success of any business. While going through the process of getting a good logo from a logo designer, keep the following in mind.

a. Logo should be unique and portray honesty: Many businesspersons looking for a logo want it to look like someone else’s, but, this is wrong. You can take ideas from other logos but come up with something highly unique and creative. The logo should portray the strengths of your business, in fact, the strengths themselves are unique otherwise how do you plan to decimate your competition? Be clear and concise.

b. Simple: Keep your logo simple. A complex graphic used for a logo can have negative effects since its recognition value will take time to be impressed on the customer’s mind. Also, simple logos are better to customize for printing use than the complicated ones. Simple but compelling is the mantra here and follow it for successful branding. Good examples here would be Prudential or Nike.

c. Colors: Always check the logo in black and white. If the logo does not appeal in monochrome, it will not appeal in any other color.

d. Scalable and flexible: A simple logo is scalable to any size. Make sure that the logo design that you have is scalable and does not lose its appeal when made smaller or enlarged.

e. Symmetry: A logo should be well balanced and appeal to the symmetric aesthetics. This will make sure that the logo appears balanced to the human eye. The factors that effect symmetry are many – color, shape, line density etc. Make sure that you instruct your logo designer accordingly.

Once your logo is done and finalized by the logo designer, there is still scope for changes, but, once you begin using the logo, never change or alter it.

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