Windows LIVE Chat Messenger on your webpage

Hii Friends! Looking for how to implement or embed Live Messenger Widget or Gadget on your website? Here is it. Cool? 🙂 Yup it is really. So.. I m sure you must have Live or Hotmail or MSN ID. Yes? Then you are almost done.

Now just click on . And choose how you would like your Windows Live Chatting widget or gadget to be. Once done copy and use the code generated below to your webpage. Important! Do not forget to go to that is the Web Settings page and Select “Allow anyone on the web to see my presence and send me messages.” And you are done! Hurrey. Now go and login to Live Messenger. And refresh your website. I can understand how happy now! If so then drop me a message below.

Anybody need a widget like this to chat with your website visitor then please contact me. I can do this for you. If you have doubts like How to use the Live chat widget in my website? then leave comments below..

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