5 Sitemap Generator Plugins for WordPress

A sitemap generator is a tool that can be used to list all of the pages of your WordPress blog to easily be accessed by web crawlers and search engines such as Google or Yahoo and many more services.

Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin is designed to create special XML sitemaps that can be easily indexed by many different search engines. This helps to maintain a much better method for search engines to catalogue every page of your site.

Really Simple Sitemap – This is a very simple sitemap generator that creates the links in an easy to find and index format for most search engines.

Google Sitemaps – Append UTW Tags – This plugin is designed to be used in conjunction with the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin and appends the tags onto the sitemap links for better indexing of your WordPress blog site.

Karailiev’s Sitemap – This is a plugin that specializes in making XML sitemaps and news sitemaps for your website for better Google and other search engine indexing of your website.

Dragon Design Sitemap Generator – This is a sitemap generating plugin that has support for multiple levels, permalinks and so much more and is highly customizable as a “true sitemap generator”.

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